Cloud PHR was once known as "Health Cloud".

However, it turns out I was unknowingly infringing upon someone else's trademark.


Cloud PHR

Cloud PHR is a native iPhone client for Google Health, Google's Personal Health Record (PHR). If you don't already have a Google Health account, you'll probably want to sign up first.

Cloud PHR is not developed by Google. Rather it uses Google Health's publicly available API (the Objective-C GData libraries) to communicate with Google's servers to retrieve a view of the PHR in the form of a Continuity of Care Record (CCR). The XML-based CCR is then passed through an XSL stylesheet developed by The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and displayed on your iPhone's screen.

I'm distributing this app for free in hopes of increasing the adoption of personal health records. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Please note, no personal information is stored and no passwords are cached. All traffic to and from Google Health uses HTTPS (SSL).

Available on the iPhone App Store

Update (9/6): Health Cloud was featured on Wednesday's Good Morning America as one of the "Top 5 health applications for your iPhone".

Dr. Volpe has more information on his iPhone Medicine Blog.

Update (4/19): I've submitted a new version of Health Cloud (v1.2.1) to the App Store. This new version enables users with Google Apps accounts to access their health records. Thanks to Eric at Google for the GData API tip.

Update (4/10): The new version of Health Cloud is available at the App Store. New features include:

Update (3/31): Health Cloud supports the sharing feature that recently debuted on Google Health.  So if, for example, Jane Doe shares her profile with you, her health record will appear in your Health Cloud app as "Jane Doe (shared)".

Update (3/30): Health Cloud is ProgrammableWeb's Mashup of the Day for March 30, 2009.

Update (3/19): Thanks to Greg Robbins and Eric Slivka for mentioning Health Cloud on Google Mac Blog and MacRumors, respectively.

Update (3/16): I've submitted a new version of Health Cloud to Apple. Version 1.1 can save new Test Result values (e.g., HbA1c, glucose, blood pressure), display notices from your provider, and display the entire PHR in a more iPhone-friendly format.

© 2009 Ford Parsons

Cloud PHR would not be possible without Google Health, GData, Objective-C GData library (and Greg Robbins' assistance), Northwestern's Dr. Stasia Kahn, and Dr. Steven Waldren's CCR XSL file. Whew!